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All Hits and Giggles!

All Hits and Giggles on DAB in Birmingham

You can now hear All Hits and Giggles in Birmingham! You can hear us on DAB in and around the city. And they said we would never get on! Listen to the No B.S from the Bullring or perhaps Live from the Living Room from Sutton Coldfield. Tune your knob our way. You won’t regret it! We are confident that the people of Brum know how to have a laugh […]

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All Hits and Giggles!

It’s All Hits & Giggles!

Hello! Our name is All Hits and Giggles! We play all the hits from the 80s to now, with giggles in between. Wake with Allan Lake each morning from 7 am, if you like your coffee unfiltered you will enjoy this unfiltered morning show. We bring you the No B.S Workday from 9 am, where we cut the crap and keep it to tunes and a few laughs in between. […]

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All Hits and Giggles!

All Hits and Giggles on DAB in Coventry

We have big news if you live in Coventry: You can now hear us on DAB in and around the city! Good init? We are really excited about being in your home, car and workplace. It sounds creepy when you read that out loud, so don't! All you need is a DAB radio, like most radios nowadays. Scroll through the stations on your DAB or digital radio until you find […]

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All Hits and Giggles!

Advertise with All Hit and Giggles!

Hey, business pros! Yes, you! Advertise your business like a ruddy legend! Are you looking for a radio station that breaks the mould and provides a refreshing alternative to the prevailing culture of hypersensitivity? Look no further than All Hits and Giggles! We offer advertising opportunities that allow your business to align with our unapologetic and straightforward approach. Our Unique Voice All Hits and Giggles is a bold and unapologetic […]

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All Hits and Giggles!

How to tune in

Here is how you can listen: Digital Radio (DAB): You can now hear All Hits and Giggles! in the West Midlands area on DAB. Twiddle your knob our way, you might need to rescan your radio. We are expanding our DAB coverage so we could be on an actual real life radio near you soon! Woohoo! Smart Speaker - 'Play All Hits and Giggles Radio': Tell that Alexa Chick to […]

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