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Hello, I'm Allan Lake and I host 'Live from the Living Room' on Sanity Radio. I'm joined by my wife, Aimee and we are literally doing the drive show live from our living room. With three young children, four cats, two dogs and two parrots, expect chaos and things you probably shouldn't hear at tea time. I've been speaking my mind on the radio for 20-plus years, hence this being […]

After over 25 years of experience in the radio industry, Allan Lake finds himself here on Sanity Radio! Yeah, things didn’t go to plan! But along for the ride is Allan’s partner-in-crime and wife, Aimee, making their show an extraordinary mix of entertainment and family dynamics.

Join Allan & Aimee, each weekday from 5 pm to 7 pm for a wild ride of a show called “Live from the Living Room.” Broadcasting live from the comfort of their own living room, their show promises to be the noisiest and most captivating experience on the radio.

With two dogs, three cats, two parrots, and three children under 10, Allan & Aimee’s family life spills out onto the airwaves. You can expect a lively blend of laughs, chaos, and relatable moments as they navigate the joys and challenges of their bustling household right before your ears.

With an awesome mix of music and entertaining discussions, Allan Lake & Aimee will make your drive home a bit brighter. Tune in to “Live from the Living Room” on Sanity Radio.

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